2012: Project KL, Project Kelantan and Inspire Teringai

1. Kelantan

Our first project was held in Pondok Moden in Jeli, Kelantan. Geared with 8 eager and excited volunteers, UKECharisma carried out the English Motivation Camp from the 16th to 20th July 2012. The main aim of the camp was to encourage self-confidence, team building and presentation skills through a leadership program designed to nurture these abilities. The project had a wide coverage of 6 schools with 120 participating students selected from their respective schools. The project also served to motivate the Form 5 students who were preparing for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (Leaving Cert) in November. The program was a great success and also provided the students with a channel for them to inquire on future studies and career opportunities. UKECharisma would like to thank Dato’ Seri Mustafa Mohamed for his generosity and kindness in supporting the project.

2. Education Project KL

Ensuring the sustainability of our projects, Charisma returned this year to Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Setia to continue building on the foundation of promoting English among school students. This year, equipped with an ever-versatile bunch of dedicated volunteers, Charisma carried out the Education Project targeting almost over 200 students in Kuala Lumpur. Having volunteers from all walks of life and across the globe brought together brilliant ideas to promote English and also a cultural experience for the team. Evidently, the largest obstacle to the project was the low confidence among students to converse in English. Through a set of interactive workshops and complementary teaching lessons in class, we were able to help the students to overcome this and by the end of the project, everyone was so eagerly and enthusiastically speaking to one another in English!

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3. INSPIRE Teringai

INSPIRE Teringai was carried out in a rural setting in Kampung Teringai Laut, a village situated in Kota Marudu,Sabah, predominantly lived by Rungus people who are well known for beads production.  It’s located on a hilly area facing the South China Sea, which makes it an exotic destination to discover the beauty of our mother nature. The main focus of the project is to promote Health and Education at Kampung Teringai through a series of interactive talks, active teaching and community service.

INSPIRE Teringai 2012 was Eunice Tan’s brainchild and was accompanied by 6 dedicated volunteers: Sharifah, Eizla, Venda, Loges, Pei Hau and Wan San. This project was conducted from the 1st of August till the 15th August 2012 organised by UKECharisma and endorsed by Rotary Club Kota Kinabalu.