2013: Project KL


Summer 2013 has been a fruitful season for UKECharisma as yet another project culminated in success. KL Education Project took place in SK Seri Setia from 15 July to 28 July 2013. We had a total of 16 volunteers from a wide range of nationality and 4 committee members taking part in the project.

The first day in school kicked off with Mr Ooi, the principal, bringing the volunteers around the school, as well as briefing them on the lessons and activities to be carried out. The volunteers were divided into groups of three or four – Each group was tasked to conduct lessons for Year 1 to Year 3 during school hours and a workshop for students from Year 3 to Year 6 after school. Days and nights of brainstorming brought about a myriad of creative ideas for workshops and lessons such as tongue-twisters, hangman, spelling bee, newspaper in education and many more!





On the first Saturday (20 July 2013), the volunteers organised a Treasure Hunt for students from all year groups, aimed at bringing fun and instilling team spirit. Four stations with different themes were set up, namely The Forbidden Forest (Red Indian –themed), The Pirate Ship (Pirate-themed), The Aloha Hawaii (Hawaii-themed) and Welcome to the Jungle! (Jungle-themed). Some great efforts were put into it whereby volunteers built two huge pirate ships using cardboards and dressed up according to their respective themes. Besides that, an English Fun Day was also held on 25 July 2013 (Thursday) to incorporate English-learning with different games.







After almost two weeks of hard work, our Education Project finally came to an end. During the closing ceremony, selected students together with the volunteers put up a performance which included singing and Dikir Barat. Although the performers were only given a short period of time for practice, the performance garnered great reception from the audience. It was heartwarming seeing the school children having enjoyed themselves and bonded with the volunteers.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Besides teaching, the volunteers had an opportunity of witnessing the many wonders of Malaysia and savouring the different tastes our country has to offer (including durian!). A road trip was made to Malacca to celebrate the end of the two-week project.



Kudos to the volunteers of KL Education Project for a making it a huge success. They are Jonathan Lee (Project Leader), Halima Begum (Project Leader), Kharleez Jaafar, Lim Wei Jie, Chin Si Ming, Noramira Shafleena, Ika Hadilah Radzran, Fiona Latter, Sarah Wylie, Saadia Aziz, Safiyyah Farid, Maggie Teh, Russell Loh, George Hirst, Flora Sii, Ken Ng, Cheong E Von, Eryse Seth, Louis Liaw and Charmaine Tew.

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