2013: Project Teringai

UKECharisma Project Inspire Teringai 2013 began on the 1st of July 2013 and ended on the 14th of July 2013. This is the second time UKECharisma carries out Project Inspire Teringai at Kampung Teringai, Kota Marudu, Sabah. This year’s project witnessed an increase of volunteers from 7 participants to 11, accompanied by two committee members of UKECharisma – Director Louis Liaw, Publicity Director Charmaine Tew.

The project kick started with volunteers arriving at Kota Kinabalu Airport on the 1st of July and putting up a night at Borneo Backpackers to shop for groceries and teaching materials. Committee members Louis and Charmaine were invited to Kota Kinabalu Rotary Club’s luncheon where they made a short presentation about UKECharisma and the project. The volunteers departed to Kampung Teringai the next day at 8 am after having breakfast with Rotarians and arrived at their homestay in Kampung Teringai around 1 pm.


During the course of two weeks, the volunteers took over the English lessons of Year 3 to Year 6 at SK Temuno Teringai Darat. In the afternoon, they carried out workshops at the school hostel as well as the RCC TDI (Rotary Community Corp Teringai Darat Initiative) learning centre. The volunteers taught English based on the KBSR curriculum and exercised great efforts and creativity to engage students in interactive activities. Highlights included volunteers turning the classroom into a maze to teach directions and road safety.




On the other hand, during the afterschool workshops, the volunteers taught the children a variety of skills through different activities and games. The activities that were carried out included origami workshop, games to improve their English vocabulary, story-telling sessions and many more. In order to improve the hygiene awareness of the children, a hygiene talk was also held to educate the children on the correct ways of washing their hands and brushing their teeth. At the end of the talk, each of them went back home smiling happily with a set of new toothbrush and toothpaste.


One of the volunteers, Hannah James, who is an agricultural science graduate from University Malaysia Sabah, taught the hostel students about decomposition and the way to dispose of food waste by converting them into fertilisers. Among other contributions, the volunteers also painted a mural with the slogan “Dare to Keep Going” in the school and planted trees at the school compound as part of the school’s initiative to promote environmental awareness. The fruit trees that were being planted were donated by Rotary Club Kota Kinabalu.



The closing ceremony of Project Inspire Teringai was a heart-wrenching scene where students and volunteers cried and hugged each other as they bade goodbye. As cliché as it may sound, all good things must come to an end. Each of us – the students and volunteers – went back home having gained something new and valuable. Tears were shed, memories were shaped, and we hope we’ve inspired  the children of Kampung Teringai as much as they’ve inspired us.

Volunteers of Inspire Teringai 2013:

Lee Wen Wei (Project leader), Ashikin ThajudinHaniesha Eliza, Anisa Rahim, Hannah James, Sharon Lim, Wong Yen Jun, Tan Jing Shin, Nur Liyana Yahya, Louis Liaw, Charmaine Tew

Check out their reflection blog post by clicking on the links 🙂

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