2014: Project KL


It has been three years since Project KL first started at SK Sri Setia with the objective to inspire and to teach English for two weeks at the school. For three years, we have watched some students grow and be for the better, with some students managing to secure a place in the top class all because of the encouragement they received from our fellow Charismen and this year was no exception.

This year’s Project KL was held between 6th of July to 19th of July with 17 volunteers being led by our two project leaders; Suan Yean Ong (University of Surrey) and Serena Soar (University of Manchester). During the two weeks, our volunteers were required to take over the Year 1 – 3 English lessons during school hours and to conduct workshops for Year 4 – 6 students. This year’s English workshops couldn’t have been more inventive, with our volunteers hosting a mini version of The Amazing Race within the school compound to playing a round of English-poly!



During the week, UKECharisma also managed to spend some time at an orphanage where our volunteers helped out with the preparation of their afternoon meal and also managed to do a quick class with the children. For our Saturday Fun-Day, our volunteers came up with a game; Murder Mystery – where the students had to investigate the case by retrieving clues to know who ‘murdered’ one of the characters. With a ‘ghost’ haunting their every step, students had to compile as many points at each station to win the grand prize. Overall, our Murder Mystery challenge was a success with volunteers and students alike enjoying much of the day.





It wasn’t just all work and no play. On Sunday, some volunteers had a tour of our beautiful city by visiting the Lake Gardens, Batu Caves and ending the day by catching the sunset from the deck of KL tower. Safe to say, it truly is an amazing city once you start realising how lucky you are living in such a diverse and unique country.


To end our project, our Charismen showcased a performance with only a day of preperation for the closing ceremony. With students performing the songs from Frozen and our Charismen singing ‘We Are The World’, it couldn’t have been a more spectacular show for the whole school to see.



As one of the committee members, I couldn’t have been more proud and thankful for our group of volunteers this year. With their unique approach of inspiring the students, it truly was a success having witnessed myself the dramatic change of the students behavior. And for this I would be forever grateful for their contribution to Project KL 2014.


Volunteers: Bhavna Bhalia, Ika Hadilah Radzran (Welfare Director), Chin Yeit Yang, Maxine Teoh, Kharenee Koh, Aishah Nay, Jonathan Lee (Director), Gee Keat Chee, Suan Yean Ong, Darrion Ooi, Ashikin Thajudin (Assistant Director), Nabila Zulasmin, Serena Soar, Riyana Razak, ShuTing Ong, Victoria Osibamowo, Safiyyah Farid (Publicity Director) 

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