Project KL 2015: Day One – a Cute Beginning

project kl15 logo

as logged by Eunice Quay

euniceWe started the day with a team mamak brunch before heading to SK Sri Setia for our first afternoon workshop with the kids. Walking past the gate on school grounds gave everyone a sense of nostalgia (with coming back to a primary school) accompanied by a united drive to execute Project KL 2015.

After a brief meeting with the teachers in charge (who were very welcoming and encouraging), we had a short team meeting to prepare for our ice-breakers with the kids.

At half past one, we gathered at the indoor hall where innocent eyes and mini-humans sat down waiting in excitement. Volunteers let out giggles in unison everytime one of the kids came up to the 2014 volunteers going, ‘I remember you!!‘ in the cutest way imaginable.

Not long after settling them down and introducing ourselves, we began with the ice-breakers. We split them into groups and played various games. Games were aimed at getting to know the kids and letting them get to know one another as well. We also tried to focus on having them speak up in English, alongside testing their listening and understanding skills.


We ended promptly at 3.30pm and everybody seemed to have really enjoyed themselves. Most of us felt pretty tired to be honest although it was only half a day of being at school, but the hope of having at least made a little impact on the little ones at the end of this keep us going.

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