Project KL 2015: Day Two – World Vision

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as logged by Emily Wong

EmilyToday was the first day of executing the lesson plans. My class started at 7.45; it was the first period of the day. I started off with 1K, and I was the “spokesperson” for my group. We overestimated their standard of English and they kind of looked lost at first, but after repeating time after time ’til my throat hurt, they could follow.

We had a half hour’s break before the next class, 3M. They were good in English and cooperated fairly well. After lunch, we helped out other teams and their classes. I realised that many of them don’t actually know what they were writing, but I guess we could only focus on one thing at a time.



World Vision against world hunger!

So, in the afternoon, World Vision came to speak about global hunger. The kids were interested and totally engrossed in the subject. They also understood the video, despite it being an English subtitles-only film. They had a blast drawing and colouring, too.

The highlight of my entire day today was when a girl came up to me at the corridor and said, “Teacher Em, make sure you sit with me later!”. Also, I was really happy when kids called out “Cikgu Em!” without even looking at my name tag. They’re really cute and enthusiastic kids! Some of them even made conversation with me during the World Vision workshop, asking me the most minuscule details such as where I stay and when my birthday was. Today was tiring but it definitely brought me a lot of joy. 🙂


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