Project KL 2015: Day Three – Itsy Bitsy Spider

project kl15 logo

as logged by Priscilla Lee

75Today is the second day of teaching for all of us. The classes my team and I taught today was 1 Mawar (1M, Mawar being the top class) and 2 Raya (2R, Raya being the lowest class). I was so tired this morning as I am not used to waking up at 6.30 am. But after starting off the morning with class 1M, their energy started to get to me and I no longer felt as tired. In order to get the students’ attention, we taught them the classic itsy-bitsy spider song. The kids loved the song! Although some of them were initially shy, we gave some needed encouragement before they could really enjoy the song.
As mentioned earlier, Class 2R was the second class my team and I taught today. We let them draw their favorite animal. At this, they showed much enthusiasm and actually took their work seriously. Some of them even coloured it, with the background and all! The smiles they had on their precious faces when I awarded them with stars and hearts for their drawings was the best thing of my day. I felt so proud of them for the full effort they gave to complete their work and I hope that they will enjoy our group’s lesson plan even more next week.76

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