Project KL 2015: Day Five – Oh no, who died!

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as logged by Fattah Radzif

P1070350After a good rest over the weekend, all of the volunteers returned to SK Sri Setia all geared up to continue what we had began the previous week. As it was a Monday, the school had an assembly where national songs were sung and speeches were given. I must admit that seeing all of it again after experiencing them during my time in school gave me a sense of nostalgia. Later, the UKECharismen and I introduced ourselves on stage to the whole school as the volunteering team for under UKECharisma.

My first class started immediately after the assembly – 2M (2 Mawar, the second top class of the four). The students were all excited and enthusiastic seeing us, since it was our first time teaching that particular class. Vivian (one of my group members) conducted the lesson and I thought that the students were very bright and had a good grasp of the English language at their level. They breezed through it and everyone was very participative throughout the whole lesson.

Fattah having a little chat with a little man.

The next class we taught was 1O (Orkid, being the third class of the four). Since it was one of the weaker classes in terms of English proficiency as well as being a Standard 1 class, we mostly taught them English vocabulary and spelling. We also drew pictures on the board to ensure that the lesson was engaging to them. Even though most of the class was very attentive, there was a small number of students that could not sit still. I still find it quite perplexing as to how they gain so much energy to always be moving around in class.

For the afternoon workshops, we played a game called “Oh No! Who Died?” The objective of the game was to solve the murder of an unknown person. The students were divided into 4 groups and had to move around the school to ‘stations’. Each station required the students to perform a certain task. Through the completion of each tasks, the groups gain clues that point to the who, where, when and how of the murder. The groups were rewarded with sweets even if they did not arrive at the correct answers because ‘Everyone is a Winner!’ (Cliché, I know). All in all, the students had a blast playing the game and watching them have fun while learning English gives me hope that we are indeed making a positive impact in their lives.

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