Project KL 2015: Day Seven – Animal Kingdom

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as logged by Raymond Teoh

P1070329aToday I was given the class of 3 Kenanga and 3 Mawar to teach. Our team consist of Azell, Xue Li and myself. This is our first time entering 3 Kenanga. We have heard a lot of good feedbacks from the other teams who have taught them. I was pretty excited as I had no idea what surprises might be waiting for us. As for the class of 3 Mawar, it was our second time entering their class. The boys in that class are pretty cheeky but overall the class behaved well as long as they are doing an interesting activity.

Our lesson today in both classes revolves around tenses. We started our lesson by teaching the students present tense and past tense. Students in both classes seemed skeptical and reluctant to participate in our lesson plan as it seemed hard but as the class progress through the day it got better as the students begin to understand the practicality of tenses. However, there were still some students who struggled with them.

With the help of my team mates, we tried our very best to help those who were struggling as much as we can in terms of explaining to them the meaning of the words and also the context that it is used. After some time dwelling on the subject of tenses, it was time to move on to something fun and exciting.

The students were really excited when we said that we were going to play a game. The game that we played with them is called ‘I DARE YOUR ENGLISH’ where each dare is a task of either spelling, rhyming, or even a simple task such as singing an ABC song in 10 seconds.

I personally think that we’ve managed to achieve our end goal for today and I would really love to continue to inspire them to learn the colourful world of English in the days to come.

It is such a great privilege to be able to be given this opportunity to teach as teaching also allows me to learn about myself and how to better commit myself to create a community that would see the importance of English.

Of course this is not the end of today’s story. We had an afternoon workshop where our hook was the Banana Song which we recorded this morning. Our afternoon workshop consist of 4 stations namely, ‘Animal Kingdom’, ‘Blind Beans’, ‘Peel It’, and ‘Family Feud’. I was stationed at the Animal Kingdom station. In this station the students are to ask questions that will lead them to finding out the animal that is written on a piece of paper that is held on their forehead. From my observation, some students were able to do it well with great enthusiasm and some were shy too during their turns.

Raymond at the Animal Kingdom station.

One particular phrase does struck my mind where one of the students said ‘ Cakaplah Bahasa Melayu’. In my head, I was thinking how hard it was to instil an interest in the minds of these young people towards the English language. I see this as a great opportunity to challenge myself to be as creative as I can to promote the language to them.

Teaching for me is about patience and perseverance. As they say, learning is not without trials and tribulation but it is despite the impediment we face, we learn to stand up and strive harder. Teaching is also the same where we we need to do our best to impart the best that we can give to these students so that they would love the English language.

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