Project KL 2015: Day Eight – the Amazing Race

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as logged by Azell Mae

71I always told myself to keep in mind that if the child cannot learn in a way that I teach, then I must teach in a way that the child can learn. ☺

Today, I began the day with my first class, 1 Mawar (the second top class) along with my teammates, Xue Li & Raymond. The theme was Parts of the Body. We started with the song ‘Head and Shoulders’ and later described the parts of the body to them using a drawing on a Mahjong paper. Later, we gave them each a piece of paper to draw and label the parts of the body. The second bit of the class were taught to build sentences using Senses like ‘I smell with my nose’. We were assisted by the rest of the volunteers.11832019_10153394057405399_1106633098_o
All in all, it was a good class to handle because they knew their stuff.

We then had 3 periods with 3 Orkid (the third class of the stream system). Our lesson was about Traveling Around The World. We started of by showing the kids a slideshow on places like Pulau Langkawi, Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and two videos, ‘Tour to London’ and ‘How the Pyramids were Built’. Each student was then instructed to write a Facebook status about the place they intend to visit with their family and reasons why. The class was in control initially but they became restless and started running around after some amount of writing work. We ended the class with spelling. Point system was the trick to keeping them attentive!

Our evening workshop for this afternoon was an ‘Amazing Race‘ concept station games. We had games on Know Your School, a Mahjong paper game using bottle caps, Origami making and Sponge Relay Race. It was a really successful workshop as the kids enjoyed.

To sum up, I only hope my actions in this project is mainly to inspire the kids to dream more, do more and become more!

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