Project KL 2015: Day Nine – Rain and Patience

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as logged by Chee Gee Keat

gkI would say that today was generally an off-school day for most of us. Our recent escapade to Chinatown for dinner in the pouring rain has left a lot of us ill. I myself had a bad case of the common cold, so I had to teach with a runny nose and blocked voice. As such, our lesson plans today were not as efficient as the days before.

We started out with 1M where Eunice, Priscilla and I along with the assistance of Kerry and Jeanette taught them the parts of the body. It was, for the most, part fine. The only thing obstructing us from doing things properly were our hoarse voices.

All hell broke loose when we entered 2R afterwards.

We were teaching them emotions but none of them seemed to be able to focus as compared to other classes we have taught before. Many students did not want to cooperate and concentrate in class and that lead to us losing our tempers more than we would like to. I suppose the combination of being sick and having naughty children in class can really flare up a person no matter how patient they are. In the end, at least we tried our best.

Gee Keat teaching the class emotions.
Gee Keat teaching the class emotions.

I apologise for not being able to reflect post-classes, as I felt really terrible and left for home after school ended. I hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day for us in both health and in spirit.

Moral of the story: When it rains, bring an umbrella.

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