Project Teringai 2015: Day Zero – The Arrival



as logged by Xin Tian

11890940_10205980367242183_2703363857913751969_nFinally, after a few weeks (or months) of lesson plannings and skype meetings, the enthusiastic Charismen of Teringai Project 2015 finally reached Kota Kinabalu after a few hours flight! We received the warmest greetings from Mr. James, the past president of the Rotary Club of KK. We were also brought to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze. It was definitely a lovely way to start our first day here in KK with the hospitality of the Rotarians.

After spending a few hours chilling by the sea, it was time for us to get going with the purchasing of materials for the next two weeks. We explored the city while walking from shops to shops. The best part of it was when the various snacks and cute stationery in the supermarket reminded us of our childhood.

Photo taken with the Rotarians by the sea
Gifts for the kids

Dinner was great with great company. The ice among the Charismen had been broken after the bonding sessions which we had whenever we could throughout the day.

Live update: Everyone is mentally exhausted but is currently brainstorming about the incentive system which will be carried out for the students in the next two weeks. (This is how passionate the Charismen are!)

Leaving to Teringai tomorrow afternoon and we can’t wait for it already!

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