PROJECT KL 2015: Day Eleven – Merdeka month and Pizza

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as logged by Amanda Sena

P1070323The school was having a Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Merdeka celebration, when students were asked to put on their traditional costumes and some of us volunteers decided to join in the fun! Hence, I borrowed Jannah’s blue baju kebaya to fit the theme.
It felt weird going to school in a baju kebaya instead of the usual formal clothes; my movements felt restricted in the outfit but I can’t deny that the traditional costume was beautiful!

Having arrived at school, I saw students dressed in their traditional costumes – baju melayu, baju kurung, baju kebaya, cheongsam, sari. The school was very colourful because of the array of colours instead of their school uniforms. The atmosphere of the school felt much more lively and happy because all the children looked really adorable, especially since they were carrying plastic bags filled with food and tidbits for the class party later. We then proceeded to the hall for the celebration. Although there was a slight delay, the event was still a success (assemblies weren’t always my favourite thing back in school and this wasn’t any different).

After what felt like a million years, the ceremony finally started!
Speeches were said and done, the teachers officiated the celebration and my favourite part of the assembly came! The music came on and the whole hall sang along to the usual Merdeka songs – Tanggal 31, and many more. I had such a blast belting out these old songs alongside with the other volunteers and it was very nice to see the students singing along, as well.

Teacher Mandy with the kids after the assembly.

Once the celebration ended, it was PARTY TIME!!! We headed to class 2 Orked (a class we bonded the most throughout), bringing the pizza we bought! The kids were delighted to see us carrying pizzas and couldn’t stop asking for it. The party started when the class teacher asked the girls and boys to sing Raya songs, and that was the first time every kid participated in singing songs.
We had a jolly good time bonding with the students in the party and it was moments like this that I will treasure.
It was such a good sight to sit down and munch on. I personally think that teachers should occasionally join their students during recess to bond with them not as a teacher but as a friend and to let them know that teachers aren’t all that crazy :p

Teacher Mandy and her group at 2 Orked's class party.
Teacher Mandy and her group at 2 Orked’s class party.

Once the class party ended, it was time for our last afternoon workshop. Students were pretty restless as they had played the entire morning and it was definitely difficult controlling them. The students completed the survey prepared, which was about what they learnt during the past few workshops.

For our Inspire Junior aspect of the workshop, the team of volunteers assisted the students to prepare cards for their teachers as a token of appreciation for all that they have done.

Being a teacher isn’t an easy task and I admit that I totally underestimated the task of a teacher. A teacher is more than marking papers, giving out homework, yelling (begging) the class to pay attention. A teacher is someone who nurtures the future generation of the country and to inspire the children to dream and achieve great things.

It hit me that Project KL was coming to an end when we were practicing our finale performance for the closing ceremony the next day. The children  were to perform the song ‘Waving Flag’ alongside the volunteers at the hall and I could tell some children weren’t really keen as they felt shy to come on stage.
Nonetheless, they picked up the song real quick and I was really proud of them!

Tomorrow being the last day of the event, today was a day of mixed emotions – fun from all the class party and disbelief that tomorrow will be my last day with the students.

2 weeks isn’t a long period of time but it’s definitely long enough to make it one of the most memorable and meaningful things I did in my life.

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