Project Teringai 2015: Day One – Off We Go

Project Teringai logo final


as logged by Jacklyn Lam

11871958_10206811391310588_1551415322_oThe luxury of sleeping past sunrise is not going to come by easily in the next two weeks to come. So, we slept in. After a hearty breakfast in Jalan Gaya, Xin Tian and I attended the weekly Rotary Club Kota Kinabalu meeting to give an insight of our project. The Rotarians gave a big thumbs up to our project’s cause and we were good to go.

To our surprise, we managed to squeeze 12 people and our huge bags into a mini van and started our bumpy ride to SK Temuno Teringai Darat, Kota Marudu, accompanied by Mr James Masaya and his adorable Primary 4 son, Maxwell. Our endless chatter provided much entertainment throughout the 3 hours ride. However, the mini van came to a halt about a hundred metres away from our destination. One of the tyres had punctured. This didn’t seem to be of any surprise to Mr James as he calmly walked over to his house nearby and got on his bike to summon help. Meanwhile, the rest of us got to explore the kampung nearby.

The punctured tyre!

Soon, we were set to go again and as we arrived, we were greeted with open arms. Kids rushed over to lend a helping hand with our huge bags.  We settled down for dinner near 7pm. A whistle was blown at around 7.30pm and kids started rushing down to the canteen for nighttime revision.  Worn out after a long journey, we couldn’t resist leaving the kids at the canteen so each of us naturally made our way to a table to introduce ourselves and help them out in their homework. The first kids I taught there were Diego (P4), Wecollant (P4), Johnley (P5) and Samlin (P5). They mastered multiplication and division in such a short time and the feeling of satisfaction that washed over me is just the beginning of many more good days to come here in Teringai.

The helpful kids carrying our luggage

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