Project Teringai 2015: Day Four – Reach and Teach

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as logged by Jiale

As usual, we had brea11221820_10207157368231011_8050939432867131554_nkfast at 0630 and reported at the teacher’s quarters at 0730. The kids were doing their weekly aerobic exercise on the field. They seemed to enjoy themselves a lot and after requesting to the teacher, we are going to be in charge of the exercise next Thursday, using our own choice of music and moves. As the kids were still doing the aerobic exercise, some of us continued to paint our mural while the others joined the kids on the field.

At 0830, 5 of us entered 6 Gemilang for English and the other 4 entered Year 5 for English. During the recess, 3 of us spent some time at the reading corner outside the library reading stories to the kids. It was quite fun and fulfilling as the kids were all very enthusiastic and did not seem to mind some of our lousy translations. After recess, all of us entered 6 Impian for English. We split the kids into groups and each of us were in charge of one group and we went through paper 2 with them question by question. We discussed and explained the words, then we made the sentences with the kids, enabling them to write down the correct answers.

Aerobic exercise every Thursday morning

The kids have a weak foundation in English, hence we think that the best way to drill them for UPSR is to familiarise them with the sentence structures and words that might be used in the exams. Some of the kids were fast to understand but there was quite a big majority that still had a problem remembering the words even after a few repetitions. As there was no teacher in Year 4, some of us went into the class earlier than planned and taught them Mathematics. We cancelled the Year 4 English lesson and continued with Mathematics as the progress was good. During lunch, we were informed that the RCC visit was cancelled. Hence, we conducted extra classes for the two year 6 classes for English and Mathematics.

The afternoon extra class for 6 Gemilang

Kriztee left after joining us for 4 days. She had been a great addition to the team especially that we are one person down for these few days. At night, as usual, we had classes with the 2 year 6 classes. The command of English of Students of 6 Gemilang is satisfactory but there’s still a minority of students that are unable to understand simple English words or form simple sentences. Overall, it’s another great but tiring day here in Teringai.

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