Project Teringai 2015: Day Seven – Treasure Hunt

Project Teringai logo final


as logged by Shafiq Roslan

11221759_10153526521973770_7737575980951775076_nOur heading to the tamu (morning market) in town today was pretty impromptu. Our Rotarian friend, James Masaya suggested that it would be a memorable experience for us yesterday night and we were like “Why not? Okie, ons la!”. So at 6am this morning, all 9 of us squeezed aboard the back of a pickup van for the hour-long journey to Kota Marudu.

Kota Marudu is the closest town to Teringai. Despite its small size, it is busy due to it being the main supply centre for nearby villages. Everything you would expect from a small town Kota Marudu has: from local supermarkets, some fast food and even cybercafes.

Lots of bananas sold in the market, and I’m one of them

Along our journey, we stopped by an asrama for secondary students. Most of the Teringai students who graduated and entered secondary school ended up studying here and true enough, as our van passed through, some of the kids recognized and welcomed us. “Hi, kakak dan abang UKECharisma!” they waved as our van approached them.

We had mi kolok for breakfast. I ended up finishing up Xintian’s and Jacklyn’s meals, as per usual. The football jerseys that the boys seemed to be always wearing back at Teringai appeared to be a bestseller here as the clothing shops were filled with them. They costed about RM20 each by the way.

The temu itself was a legit pasar by the locals for the locals. We saw some curios like mountain rice, root water, and a dog which Jacklyn thought we bought. The girls bought some presents such as bracelets, headbands and jerseys for their kids. Myself? I went for the strongest lastik I have ever seen for my boys.

We were supposed to head back to Teringai at 10am but only left at 1pm as some of the van’s passengers were late. So much for our short morning excursion, huh? Some of us got a little frustrated during the wait, but it seemed that life stories and shipping were effective methods of keeping us occupied.

I still wonder how the 9 of us squeezed in that tiny space at the back, not to forget the gas tank

There weren’t many kids left in the asrama when we got back. Some kids could usually head back to their homes over the weekends, leaving only 40 of them here, mostly the Year 6s. But even with half the numbers, the kids were still full of spunk during our treasure hunt.

Awkward poses of the kids during the hands and feet game conducted by Kak Jiale
The newspaper game conducted by Kak Veno forced them to make awkward poses again

Overall, despite being a ‘rest day’, playing frisbee and practicing Thug Le left us pretty tired. Hopefully the Monday blues won’t get to us tomorrow!

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