Project Teringai 2013 – Hannah James

1091134_10151790909038738_541978485_oHannah James recently completed her degree in Agricultural Science at  Universiti Malaysia Sabah. She was one of the volunteers for Project Inspire Teringai 2013.

An experience like never before, if only life had a rewind button, I will rewind back to the first day when INSPIRE Teringai 13‟ kicked off. I met 10 incredible and dedicated people from all over Malaysia pursuing the same goal to inspire others, lead, live and learn. Together, we learned a lot during the 2 weeks in Teringai by working together, putting away our differences, being committed in inspiring the children of Teringai and touching their hearts. I had the time of my life in Kg Teringai Laut, Kota Marudu, being with the villagers and especially with the children. Many memories were made and time spent will be cherished especially in SK Temuno.


Getting to know each and every student from the school, a special bond was created between us that will never break. As time goes on, the memories will never fade. The students are unique and special in their own ways; not only did we teach them but in return they have taught us a lot too.


Every morning when we arrived at the school, the students never failed to greet us with a cheeky or sweet smile which was worth more than gold. These students deserved to be inspired, encouraged and guided as much as any other students in the world. They, too, deserved to go far into society, to venture forth, and to dream. “Dare to Keep Going”. That was the message we painted on the school wall. Our journey hasn’t reached the end of the road yet; we should continue to be an inspiration to others to continue to lead, live and learn.


Whether it was during the time spent at the beach, the waterfall, school, RCC, waking up to the rooster crows, sleeping under the galaxy of stars or just spending time with the children, I believe each and every one of us have inspired the lives of these children. Coming into the school did not give us any financial compensation nor fame. We weren’t looking for any of those. But, I believe each of us gained invaluable insights and left with a better grasp of the local community and their lifestyles.

Joining INSPIRE Teringai was really an eye-opening experience. I realise that there are a lot of underprivileged out there with bigger needs and that we shouldn’t focus solely on our own interests, as Stacie Orrico’s “There gotta be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me” portrays. Regretting is never an option when joining something that impacts people’s life. “Dare to Keep Going” is our motto for 2013, so dare to join Inspire Teringai ’14 and be a CHARISMAN.

You will experience an exhilarating time of your life just like I did! Last but not least, a standing ovation to our Director “Raja‟ Louis, Publicity director “Kakak Comel‟ Charmaine, Project Leader “Abang Kacang‟ Wen Wei, committed volunteers “Kakak Penyayang‟ Haniesha, “Kakak Cantik‟ Anisa, “Kakak Flower‟ Ashikin, “Kakak Pandai” Jing Shin, “Kakak Butterfly” Yen Jun, “Kakak Peri‟ Liyana, and “Kakak Beautiful” Sharon. You all have made a difference as a team, without you the adventure would not have existed. This experience has changed you, just as much as it has changed me.


Love you guys, xoxo.
“Kakak Sumandak‟
Hannah J.

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