Project Teringai-Tumunda 2016: Day 12 -“Heavy-hearted Goodbyes”


as told by MIDORI HARUN, SK Temuno Teringai volunteer

It’s the day before we go back to city life. A three-in-one event was held (Eid Mubarak celebration, UKECharisma closing ceremony, and teacher’s farewell). Everyone dressed  nicely in their baju kurung and baju melayu. Yes, there were performances too. And guess what? We(and the students) did it awesomely! Surprisingly, the kids here know how to beatbox and break dance. And the teachers seemed surprised by their talents. They also performed their traditional dance, I think it is a Rungus-traditional dance, forgive me if I’m wrong. As for the volunteers, we did dikir barat and cup-song. The standard 4 and 5 students performed a show- A Boy Who Cried Wolf. After practicing for days, I can really say that we nailed all the performances. Oh, did I mention that some of us didn’t shower since the day before because there is no water at all? It was very epic, yet all of us still look quite stunning!

We were supposed to teach them for extra class that afternoon. But since it was our last day, we decided to pep talk with them instead. We showed slides of our oversea photos and videos, hoping that they will get inspire to study hard and travel where ever they want. We also got the chance to bath by the river, well not WE, just a few of the volunteers. As usual, I didn’t join fun, but I was there, taking their pictures for memories (that sounds so wrong, but yeah – and No, they wore sarongs!)

That night was our last extra class with them. Some of us were teaching and some of us just spending our time with them, making jokes, telling stories, taking pictures and stuff. It was a very emotional moment. I was on and off crying, thinking that I will be leaving them the next day. We gave gifts and letters that we bought for them from Pekan Marudu. Three of my kids were crying when they received theirs. Guess that they really like the presents I gave. Well, maybe two of my kids, because the other one got stung by a bee, and he was already crying before the gifts giving. As the guard blew the whistle to alert them it’s time for bed, we sent them off. Saying our last good night wishes to them. Again, tears rolled down my cheek. It was indeed a heavy-hearted goodbyes.

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