Project Teringai-Tumunda 2016: Day 12 – “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

14123985_10207099796362217_1374386466_o-2as told by JOEY LOH, SK Temuno Teringai volunteer

3 days until the end of the entire project. And today was all about rehearsals. A few of our very creative volunteers suggested performing the cups song together with a dance. The outcome was awesome – we call it the hybrid of the Cup’s Song!

Rehearsing the Cup Song.

The school was crowded with preparation for the big jamuan tomorrow. Teachers were shouting commands while students were busy moving the tables & chairs out of the 6A and standard 1 classrooms. The partition between the standard 1 and 6A classrooms was lifted to provide more space for the majlis. And surprisingly, although it was not even the last day yet, the students were already eager to give us hugs and letters. This only reminded me of how fast time has flown. 😥

We then started our full rehearsal for tomorrow’s performance. The performance started off with Owen doing the beatbox, and it sounded so professional that the audience could not stop gasping in awe. Carldym then joined in and they performed a break dance. Their synchronisation was near to perfection! After that, we had the English drama trained by our volunteers, followed by a Rungus-Malay traditional dance… And our performance was up next, the Cup Song. That was considered the first time of us doing the Cup Song with the students, therefore a bit of chaos were unpreventable but totally understandable lah. Nonetheless, the rehearsal wrapped up smoothly.

Look at the happy faces!

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, I was assigned to take care of the non-Standard 6 students. In view of the upcoming drama performance, I chose to help Eddy to polish the drama. The practices went on okay, and the kids were actually very creative that they thought of improvising the props we have given to them. For instance, Diego (the protagonist) actually plucked some leaves for his biri-biri to eat – to make the scene of sheep eating the grass more authentic! :O However, even though the kids are being really lovely, sometimes you have to have very good patience and temper when dealing with them – you even have to shout at their names several times to get them into the positions! Strepsils please… …

English drama rehearsal – The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The drama rehearsal carried on during the night time. Thanks to the mic, we managed to keep the whole non-Standard 6 students under control while the rehearsal was happening. We made use of the two hours to the maximum, and one thing that really touched me was the attitudes of the actors and actresses. Being only the 10+ kids, the packed schedule definitely had made them worn out; but they did not give up just like that! They were tired, yes, but they were determined to move on and give it the best shot, for the sake of making it the best show tomorrow!

E.g. “Elvelne, sudah letih kah?”

(rubbing eyes) “… Boleh buat lagi, kakak?”

:’)   :’)   :’)

The whole day made me reflect on how I have been living my entire life. Have I had the determination to carry on with every tasks that I aimed to achieve? Have I been complaining and grumbling a lot on how life was being unfair to me? Looking at their innocent and happy faces amidst the hardships, what else do I have to compare?

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