PROJECT TERINGAI-TUMUNDA 2016: DAY 6 – “Life, Cats & Lemons”

unknown1as told by Dominic Foong, SK Temuno Teringai volunteer

As today was a Friday, it has been decided that the day would be rather ‘chill’ day for the kids (and the volunteers as well, heh). However, there was only one exception – classes for 6 Gemilang began at 7 in the morning. So, with a few complaints and a few ‘five more minutes’ here and there, we had our breakfast early and headed towards our class to start teaching.

As the kids had back to back English and Mathematics classes, they had no choice but to face us volunteers for a whole two hours. As usual, the kids are enthusiastic to learn, but with the lengthy period, they got bored and lost focus easily. As a solution, many of us gave multiple breaks to the kids. However, being the strict and absent-minded Abang, I’ve actually forgotten to give my assigned kids any break (omgwhy). And when I’ve ‘finally’ realised and told them they can have a break, it’s already half past nine. (We decided to give them an extra 30minutes lesson as the teacher wasn’t around). As my kids were still a little shy and quiet at that time, they have yet to gain the courage to make demands from their Abang (which I assure you they did, at least only reasonable requests, on the final few days). Classes are over.

I’m sorry Elvexter & Asha. (╥_╥)

As some volunteers were really generous with giving out stamps to the kids (like seriously?), we had no choice but to provide the kids with additional ‘kad hadiah’. Not that there’s anything to complain about. It was fun drawing cute pictures and also served as a much needed break for us. Therefore, after class, a few of us volunteers went to work and the rest just fell right back into bed, continuing the dreams they were having before they were woken up abruptly by loud noises from the handheld devices that remind them it’s time to face reality.

Final results! :3

From 3pm till 5pm, we had a ‘keceriaan’ session with the kids, where we redecorated the classrooms to give them a fresher look. For this session, the volunteers and students were split into 3 groups, each with five volunteers and a number of students. While the groups made origami and cut out minimalistic designs for the classroom doors, our group drew Pusheen the Cat with motivational quotes on colour papers to be placed on the walls. It is obvious that the kids really love drawing as everybody grabbed a pen and a coloured paper and went to work immediately. We first drew a few different Pusheens on the board for the kids to see and follow suit. Much to our amazement, we soon found out that many students were so creative and talented in drawing that they played around with the design and ended up drawing their own beautiful versions of subject and quotes! In the end of the session, we had so many great cards that we decided to utilise them all and paste it on every classroom to inspire the other kids.

Drawing Pusheen ❤
Adre, Esther, Britney (from the left) having fun improvising.

In the evening, using the projector donated by UKECharisma 2015 team, we put on the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ for the kids. Although some of the kids have already watched the movie, they all enjoyed the session as they were able to relax and chill with their friends after an entire week of hard work. After the movie was over, it was bedtime and we sent the kids off to bed, back in their asrama.

Seeing what the kids wrote, I found myself inspired by their motivational and kind-hearted messages to their peers. It hurts me that many of these sensible and hardworking children were behind the rest of the society only due to the environment they were born into and the lack of opportunity provided by the society. And to add to that fact, although they are aware of their situation, they choose not to give up and to work hard with what they have and where they are in order to be able to return to society and their family in the future. At that moment, I realised what I was told about the project before it started was all so true. Spending time with the kids here has made us much more appreciative with everyone and everything around us in life. In Teringai, every new day gives you a new way to be inspired.

Written by Presley Owen. Wish more people would understand this.

When life gives you lemons, share and make lemonades. #trytomakequotesandfailmiserably


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