PROJECT TERINGAI-TUMUNDA 2016: DAY 6 – “Rest & Relaxation”

unknownas told by Derek Lim, SK Tumunda Salimandut volunteer

TGIF! Today marks the end of our first week here in SK Tumunda Salimandut. During morning class today, everyone looked extra tired. Has fatigue finally kicked in after so many long days?

As it is a Friday, classes ended earlier than usual to allow Malay students to perform their Friday prayers. After lunch, we decided to allow (more like ‘force’ actually) the students to take a 30-minute afternoon nap. Why an afternoon nap? Besides giving them a break seeing that the weekend is approaching, we felt that EVERYONE needed some extra rest after four whole days of teaching and learning. When teaching resumed in the afternoon, everything went exceptionally well! Students were more attentive, I myself felt more energetic (and thus more patient LOL…). Hmm… Seems like afternoon naps might be a great idea…

Wise words … maybe we should implement napping every day?

After dinner, it was movie time! We showed the kids the all-time Disney favourite, The Incredibles. It was a pity we didn’t manage to find Malay subtitles for the kids, but they seemed to enjoy all the action in the movie nonetheless J Oh ya, we forgot there were a few kissing scenes in the cartoon, and guess how they reacted when Mr and Mrs Incredible kissed? They shrieked and closed their eyes! SO CUTE CANNOT TAHAN!

Movie night!

A little after the movie started, a few of us volunteers were called upon by Abang Gigit (Kamraj) to a classroom to discuss a “major project” – a Life Simulation Game, which he has in mind for the kids. After a long discussion, we finally worked out most of the technical parts of the activity, but there’s still much to be discussed.

How will the game turn out? Guess we’ll only find out on Sunday. But before then, can’t wait to see what is in store for us tomorrow!

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