Project Teringai-Tumunda: Day Three -“A Glimpse of Teaching”


as told by LEE WEN PING, SK Tumunda Salimandut volunteer

Today was the first day we got to teach the kids after having a fun ice breaking session with them yesterday night. We kick-started the day with the motivational session in the morning by asking the standard six kids to write down their previous exam results and their target for UPSR. From there, we found out that many of the kids were facing the same problem – their English and Mathematics were relatively weaker than other subjects and needed some hard work to make improvements. Some of them were really stressful knowing that UPSR was around the corner as they really did not know what they could do to overcome the first official exam in their life. Here, we can see the reason why we were here – try our best to help them achieve their target.

We started our P&P session by teaching the standard 6 kids English. The topic we taught them today was how to write a formal letter. We taught one whole class altogether at first and then we divided them into smaller groups. We realized that small group teaching was more effective especially when we grouped them according to their strength and ability in that particular subject.

Besides standard 6, we also went into standard 5 class to teach Mathematics. Unexpectedly, the kids had problem even with basic additions and subtractions. We did not manage to conduct the class according to our initial plan as we spent quite some time to teach them the basics. From here, we realized that patience was really important especially when things went into situations that were not under your expectation. Also, we have learnt that we must always have back up plans just in case of unexpected scenarios happen again.

In the evening, we played captain ball with the kids. We all agreed that this was actually a very important session for the kids to release stress after studying for one whole day. This ball-game-session was also seen as a big motivation for them to continue studying as we motivated them in a way that if they put effort in their studies they were guaranteed to have their play time every evening.

After just one day of teaching, we know that patience and passion are the important factors for a teacher to continue teaching. Not only that, it has better effect if we use more interesting ways of teaching because if so the kids will think learning is fun. Although teaching is really patience-needing and tiring, small things like the kids improved from not knowing what was a formal letter to knowing all the required formats of the letter, gave us a huge satisfaction. This satisfaction will act as the motivation for us to continue driving up the momentum and we believe we will gain more and more satisfaction by helping them to improve bit by bit along these two weeks.

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