CPR 2016: Reflection by Khor Hui Yi

copy-of-img_5531.jpgThe first moment that I was offered to be part of the committee, I took it up immediately as I viewed this as a great learning opportunity. However, never did I think that I would have to dedicate so much time and effort for this event.

Juggling between studies, exams, assignments and this, it can be slightly overwhelming at times. However, it couldn’t be any more satisfying in the end.

Undertaking the job as the Volunteers’ Coordinator for the first time, I was a bit lost and perplexed in the beginning. I was lucky enough to have the team, especially Eshen, to guide me through the slightest process patiently.

Personally, I think that the major obstacle that we faced during the event itself was an hour before the relay was supposed to end. At that point, most of us thought that we wouldn’t be able to reach our target number of participants. Putting disappointment and sadness aside, our volunteers never gave up recruiting despite facing countless rejections from the crowd. Even the St John’s volunteers helped us out too.

And boom, a miracle happened. Together, we witnessed our flip chart changed from 1499 to 1500, and then right up till 1525, exceeding our expectations. The tears of joy and the immense happiness that we felt, the hugs that we exchanged, that’s all that matters. All the hard work paid off, we did it, together.

I grew and learnt a lot working with a team of like-minded people, supporting each other to achieve a common goal. Of course, without our volunteers spreading positivity throughout the day and bearing with our changes without any complains, this event wouldn’t be a success. I could not thank enough for the opportunity given, to meet and work with people like them.

I was pleased to see people bringing their young kids and also elderly along to support our event. However, I felt that the awareness of importance of learning CPR is still not strong enough in the Malaysian community as there are people who are reluctant to know more about it. This effort of spreading the awareness has to be continued so that vast majority of Malaysians would know how to react during emergency situations.

Be someone’s hero today, don’t wait till tomorrow ! 

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