CPR Relay 2016: Reflection by Jonathan Ooi

14115664_10210717136308433_3714858141693693719_oKeep the Heart Beating- CPR Relay 2016 is an event hosted by UKE Charisma to promote and educate the public about the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (wow that’s a mouthful!). It was held on Merdeka Day (31 August 2016) and as volunteers, we were required to gather at Atria Shopping Gallery at 8am for a short briefing before going to our respective duty stations. Then, this was how my day went by:

Duty no. 1: “follow”,

Basically it’s touring the participants wherever they go,

First, they’ll watch a short intro video,

Next, they’ll learn compressions from the pros,

Practice and practice until they know,

Cuz in a bit they’ll be relaying with their fellows.

When they’re done, I’m off to another group, pronto!

Duty 2: “recruit” is what it’s called,

As the name suggests, we go around promoting around the mall,

Toughest duty of all,

Tried our best getting people to join from store to store,

In the end, it was worth it for sure.

Soon, it was time for break,

Makan time we had cheesecake and steak,

(jk that was for the poem’s sake)

Light lunch and coffee to keep us all awake,

An hour later, back to work can’t be late.

Helping out at the stage was my last duty,

Besides making sure the relay is problem-free,

Transitions between participants has to be within seconds of three.

Soon enough, it was almost 10pm surprisingly.

Our target was to hit 1500 participants by 10pm. However, it was 9pm and we were about less than 100 participants short. It was an uphill battle, racing against time to gather as many participants as possible. All the volunteers were giving their all and working together to reach the target. What’s more, the St John Ambulance Malaysia members went out their way to promote the event for us as well. The numbers just kept rising and miraculously, at the end of the CPR Relay, we managed to gather 1525 participants. The overwhelming support given by the public was really inspiring and it goes to show that our nation has a heart, a heart of kindness, and it never stopped beating that day.

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