CPR Relay 2016: Reflection by Wong Ann Lee

14141979_1012160442215495_5475989821885554751_nVolunteering with UKECharisma for the CPR Relay was an amazing experience. What I first thought to be ‘just another volunteering event’ turned out to be so enjoyable and fulfilling- one of the highlights of my summer break. Our day was filled with going through multiple shifts of teaching compressions, recruiting and guiding participants throughout the event. Having been assigned to a group of total strangers, I never expected such synergy in working together. The passion and enthusiasm displayed by fellow volunteers was really what made the event a success. The most memorable part of the event for me was when we were 100 away from our goal of 1,500 people. I remember the volunteers bursting with adrenaline, going all-out in recruiting the last few participants at the mall to join the relay! After spending the whole day on our feet, it was gratifying to hit the goal that we initially doubted.

The keenness of the participants regardless of age, gender, race and position in society made volunteering a very pleasant affair. I remember how even children of such tender ages, busy working adults and elderly with weak knees insisted on learning the life skill. All the same, it was uplifting to witness fellow Malaysians unite with a common purpose – to learn how to save a life.

What better way to learn CPR ourselves than to educate others, as goes the timeless philosophy of “See one, do one, teach one”. Despite returning home with aching knees from kneeling and doing compressions all day, I wouldn’t have spent my Merdeka day in any other way.

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