Project KL 2015: Fattah Radzif

fattahFattah Radzif is pursuing his mechanical engineer degree at the University College London, Class of 2018. He was a volunteer for Project KL 2015.

One of the fondest memories I have during my time as a volunteer for Project KL came during the Hari Raya celebration we had at SK Seri Setia. Every student was supposed to bring food from home for the class feast during that day. My group decided to join the 1K class feast as they were one of our favourite classes. As we came through the doors, we were swarmed by the kids of 1K who were very excited to see us. Later, after we had a couple of bites from the food on offer, some of the kids cheekily started asking me for ‘duit raya’. They were then joined by the whole class. After multiple failed attempts of saying to them “cikgu tak ada duit”, I told them to line up if they wanted to receive ‘duit raya’. As I was standing in front of the door whilst they were lining up, I saw an opportunity to run. That was what I did.  I managed to cover a short distance before finally being caught. I returned to the class and explained to them that I cannot give them ‘duit raya’.

The next day, which was our final day, we went to 1K again to say our farewells. This time I came prepared and gave each and everyone of them sweets. I told them to always study hard but at the same time to enjoy school. Some of them hugged me and told me not to leave them. It was a pity to leave the school just as we were getting to know the kids. I hope that during the course of the project, we managed to inspire the kids to try and learn English.

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