Project KL 2015: Amanda Sena

amanda.jpgAmanda Sena is currently a law student at the University of Leeds. She was a volunteer for the Project KL 2015.

2L. The first class we attended and it was a warzone the first time round, my team and I barely made survived that class. During the span of an hour, we had students shouting and running around, students saying ‘Cikgu, nak gi tandas!’, ‘Teacher, toilet!’ I had to tell/yell/beg the students to pay attention but they just wouldn’t listen!

Finally, we managed to control the class by giving them a piece of paper each and getting them to copy what was written on the board. We felt defeated and discouraged after the two periods ended because we knew that the class learnt nothing from our lesson plan.

When the bell rang, I felt so relieved that class ended and that I could go to the canteen for lunch. I told myself ‘NO MORE 2L CLASSES, I’M SO DONE WITH THAT CLASS’.

It’s funny how 2L was a class I dreaded at the start but they soon became my sole favourite, as we had that class 3 days from the school week. Thus, began the strong bond throughout.

It made saying goodbye to them so hard on the last day. I admit that it was a difficult class to control, the students were rowdy and active and they constantly tested our boundaries, but it was through this class that reminded me that a child has the simplest and purest mind.

All they ever want is some attention, love and care from you.

It’s funny to see the naughtiest boys in the class sit still and complete the worksheet as well as reading all the words out multiple times with you! Not only that, to have students from the class coming out of class to hug you and invite you in for English, and cling on to you on your last day telling you not to go…. Thus, my fondest memory of my teaching stint at SK Seri Setia.

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