Project KL 2015: Priscilla Lee

kl4Priscilla Lee is currently studying in the University of Warwick. She was a volunteer of Project KL 2015.

For the two weeks I spent teaching in SK SRI SETIA, I have made lots of memories there with the students and also with my team members.

Out of all the students there, there is one girl who I really bonded with. Her name is Nur Liew from class 3R. I am not too sure why out of all the students it’s her I am closest with. Maybe it’s because of her high spirited personality and talkative nature.

However, sometimes I am quite frustrated with her low concentration ability in class. There was once I had a ‘talk’ with her about her studies. She told me she didn’t like English and her favourite subject is Chinese and music. She can speak very fluent Mandarin and said she wants to learn a lot of different kind of instruments in the future.

She told me all of that with such great enthusiasm and passion I can’t help but feel happy for her. She promised me she would at least try her best in English, even though she thinks it is very hard.

I really hope that her passion never dies off and she will keep her promise.

She is not from a wealthy family and sometimes she didn’t even have money for lunch. But she is a strong girl. I see that element in her.

As her teacher, I really hope that she can succeed and be happy in life despite her circumstances. I will most probably never see her again in my life but I will remember her in my prayers that she will do well in life.

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