Project KL 2015: Vivian Lee

viv.jpgVivian Lee is currently studying European Studies at King’s College. She was a volunteer of Project KL 2015.

My fondest memory was when I received a card from one of our students during the afternoon workshop on the second-to-last day of our volunteering programme. It was first unexpected because the cards were meant for the teachers at the school, not for the volunteers like myself.

I knew him quite well because he was once in my team during one of our previous workshops. He was a quick thinker and well-behaved boy, who actually co-led our team to win second place. I talked to him beforehand and asked to write a card for his “cikgu”, but he insisted to write for one of us, and I recalled that other students like him had requested this too.

So I said kindly to him in BM, “Yes, you can write for us but you must also write for your “cikgu”. So you’ll write two cards. He was so keen about the idea that he quickly grabbed another colour paper and sat at the furthest corner away from the volunteers.

When the afternoon workshop was almost finished, he came up to me and handed the card. It was written personally for me. As I opened his card, I was touched by his words. Though it was in BM, he wrote in bubble speeches:

“I want to learn English correctly so I can go to the UK.”

“I want to study English if I go to the UK,” and

Bestnya (his ultimate dream) if I go to the UK.”

These heartfelt messages reminded me of our main objective: it was to instill a greater interest towards learning English within the young minds of SK Sri Setia’s children. And I thank God, there was truly one whom I have inspired.

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