CPR Relay 2016: Reflection by Tammy Tan

tammy8.pngLooking back to this National Day, It was the best that I have ever had. Celebrating the day with a mission – raising awareness of early resuscitation among the Malaysian public through the First and Largest CPR Relay which took place at Atria Shopping Gallery.

Merdeka Decoration

Being the project initiator and project leader for the First and Largest CPR Relay, it was definitely not easy if it was not assisted by UKECharisma’s co-director, Eshen Ang, my fellow committee members and our 100 volunteers. Since proposing the event, uncountable hours spent and countless of meetings have been made to come out with a solid plan to be executed on the day. There has been ups and downs throughout the whole planning process. Some of the things were uncertain at times but it was truly an inspiring and rewarding experience. I am really glad that we have made it happen as a student organisation.

Overview of the event

Of course, It would not have happened without all the immerse support from all our sponsors –  St. John’s Ambulance, Caring Pharmacy, Jungle Gym and the vendors of Atria Shopping Gallery. I truly appreciate all the opportunities they have given to us and helped us to grow in the journey. The number of like-minded people whom I met also made me really grateful.

A picture with all the sponsors.

At 7 a.m. in the morning when the 110 volunteers gather at the event venue, we are still quite apprehensive about our mission of reaching out to 1500 people. When the clock strikes 9 a.m., crowd starts to build up, excitement starts to kick in when our lively emcee, Tim officially announced the start of the event. Our volunteers start to put on their bright smile and guide our participants patiently through the different stages : Registration – Watching Video – Practicing on dummy – CPR Relay.

Bright smiles throughout the day.

I was truly impressed by all the energy and enthusiasm that our volunteers portrayed. Thank you once again to all my fellows in the team who have carried out their task exceptionally well. Without each and everyone of them, nothing would have happened! What impacted me the most was during the last hour when all our volunteers went all out recruiting our last 100 participants. If you were there, you will be moved by all the energy and enthusiastic that our volunteers have which made the event a success.


Another thing that really strikes me was the diversity of the participants we got on the day. Despite the differences that we may have, as is the nature of our unique diversity, we gather, we learn and we want to make a change through the CPR Relay. It was thrilled to witness the unity of Malaysians in a different spirit on Merdeka Day.

Our young hero.

Despite some hiccups on the day, seeing how everything runs smoothly on the day itself and ended the CPR relay with a total number of 1525 participants, I was truly touched. All the effort spent to reach out to them was definitely worthwhile. I believe more people have started to realise the importance of early resuscitation.

Keen participants.

Last but not least, I would like to repeat our theme again. Be Someone’s Hero! We can all make a change. Consider the Butterfly Effect, if something as small as the flap of a butterfly’s wings can potentially cause a tornado, today you might see a small change in our nation because of your actions but tomorrow you might see the world changing. So, never stop believing in the cause that you believe in! I hope that more people have started to realise the importance of acquiring some basic lifesaving skills. Looking forward to seeing more efforts of spreading the awareness in Malaysia to make our home country better!

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