Day 1: Shun Qi

IMG_6503 (1)

I touched down at Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) at 12pm along with 2 others. We took an Uber straight to the hotel. Upon arrival, we chunked our luggage at the lobby and started searching for food.

After enjoying our last fast-food meal for at least 2 weeks – KFC, we gathered at the committees’ room for our final group briefing. Last wise words from Vinrea, Li Ann and Yi Fen in an attempt to prepare us before we split up and head off to our respective schools early next morning. I took a good look at the foreign faces around me. Soon, 14 of us will be left to fend for ourselves for 2 weeks in SK Temuno Teringai, putting our new found friendship to a test, especially without the internet and access to outside communication. Little did I know, these people would turn into friends that I counted on not just for that 2 weeks but for probably for good.
We SK Teringai peeps hijacked room 881 right after to discuss and update each other on the preparations of our respective activity. We quickly listed down the materials needed and took the opportunity to get them at the city while we can. We also got our daily necessities and loads of tit bits to power us through our first week of teaching.
Later on, we split up to have dinner before meeting up in room 881 again. This time, we had to decide on an inspirational short clip to download. The plan was to show the kids for our motivational talk. Then, we shared our teaching resources which included UPSR past years, children storybooks and worksheets. We went through word by word in Bahasa Melayu and started to freak out for real when we figured out how under prepared we were to teach mathematics in Bahasa Melayu.

Yi Fen came in in the midst of our chaos. She, thankfully managed to douse out the panic by sharing her experience of teaching the kids last year with us. So, we ended up chatting away and the tensed atmosphere eased up greatly.

As the clock struck 10pm, we all left to our rooms yawning. I lazed in bed enjoying the not so amazing internet speed but just grateful that it is present. Took a hot shower, enjoying the warmth; before falling asleep finally on the soft mattress. It may be some time before I get to enjoy these luxuries again.

Our group has put much effort into the preparations and planning for the activities to be held. Nevertheless, we will be ready to make necessary changes if needed. I hope that our effort pays off and that everything would progress as smooth as possible during the 2 weeks.

Can’t wait to see what is in store for us tomorrow. Goodnight!

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