Day 10: Adibah


With the kids that always cherish our day here. They are so tiny and cute.

WHAT?! Day 10 already, time flies so fast. As usual, we woke up early around 630 am and prepared ourselves to go to the classes. We headed to the canteen first for breakfast which was prepared by KAKAK. What I can say about the foods here were so good, especially the sambal! Its spiciness was tolerable and it tasted so sweet. Nyum nyum! It was very challenging handling the classes from morning till night, plus we were getting busier doing rehearsal for closing ceremony’s performance. Now I know the struggle of educators in preparing lessons, evaluating the student’s progress, and managing the classroom everyday. So exhausting!

Today was slightly different than usual. Other than teaching and practising for our performances, a group of us went to stages during recess time to give bookmarks to the kids. We hope the bookmarks would encourage them to read books as what we have aimed before. We decorated colourful bookmarks by drawing some flowers before we handed them to the kids. Some of them requested us to write our names on the bookmark. We provided less bookmarks for the kids as we expected few kids to join this activity. But, it turned out to be more than expected. We could hear and feel children stampede from far. They were running excitedly from their classes to get the bookmarks. So many kids came to get the bookmarks!!!! And guess what, in less than 10 minutes, the bookmarks were successfully given to them.  We were very sorry for supplying very limited bookmarks for the kids. Since the bookmarks were like ‘pisang goreng panas’, we unfortunately forgot to take pictures of this great moment. ☹

We only have 3 days left until the entire project ends, so today was the last time for us to wash our clothes at river. I really APPRECIATE this ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. I am thankful for knowing the kids who taught us a lot such as how to wash clothes and shower at the river. They even offered us their piles to be used during washing time. These kids were very helpful! I was so touched with their continuous kindness and effort to help us especially in our daily survival here.

Happy faces !



During evening, Iman, Meriell and I filled our free time with walking around the village. Most of the roads in the village are still not being tarred, so 4WD vehicles are the best choice for driving on those slippery plus muddy roads in the village. We visited rubber plantations in the village and we got chances to see how rubber tapping process are being done by this rubber tapper. It was not easy especially for a woman! It needs your full energy to do this work. I salute this auntie for being so energetic the whole day to get the latex from the trees. I was so lucky to witness this because I don’t think I could get this experience in my own place.


Slippery road surfaces are very challenging to the villagers.



In the meantime, we could feel that we will be leaving this amazing place very soon. Most of the kids gave us ‘Good Bye’ or ‘Thank You’ letters, which sometimes literally made me cry whenever I read those love letters. Some of them gave us handmade bracelets with beautiful beads. We tried our best to reply each letter that we received, amidst of our tight schedule. Some of us stayed up till late night replying all the letters.

‘I could feel their love through their effort in helping us, laughter in making fun of insects and words in their love letters.’

To sum up our day here, I could say that it’s an eye opening to realise that small gestures can give big impacts not even to the kids (hopefully) but also to our lives. Words could not describe how grateful I am to be a part of the team, also to be able to experience the life here and the most important thing is helping the kids. I really hope that our effort to help the kids will be worthwhile and somewhat could inspire them to chase their dreams despite of their difficulties.


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