Day 10: Reena Bong

It had been 10 days since we left the city to start a new experience in a rural area. SK TEMUNO TERINGAI DARAT surely taught me the definition of tough and simplicity in life. Around 6.30am, the alarm rang and it was time to start a new day. At times, we will be awakened by the noises of kids playing around the field as early as 6am, I thought to myself ” I don’t even remember reaching school as early as 6am and even if I did, I would probably be sleeping in class”. These kids never stopped to amaze us day by day. After a quick wash up, we started our day with a healthy breakfast prepared by the canteen staff who had been pampering us with delicious food since day 1. Initially, we were doubting ourselves if we could survive even one day without line or proper water source with , we managed to survive through 9 days without any regrets. After breakfast, we headed to our respective classes to start our lessons with the kids. By the 10th day, the students were showing great improvements in their academics especially the English language.

I conducted Math lessons with my kids


In the afternoon, we had lunch with the team and went back to our house to rest for the next class which was resuming at 2pm . Some of the volunteers were also busy preparing their worksheets for the kids later. Hands down, a teacher’s job was never easy, what more when a teacher has to handle a whole classroom full of kids with various characters and personalities. However, despite of the tiredness we had to go through, guiding these kids for the past 14 days was indeed a memorable one and was filled with all sorts of excitement. These kids came from various backgrounds and personalities but there’s one thing they are never afraid of is insects and bugs or lizards! Out of no where they would just come up to you with a lizard on their palm saying that they caught it somewhere in the classroom. This usually happens at all occasions and normally sends some of our volunteers screaming. It was indeed a creepy but funny moments we all had shared with the kids overthere.

Around 4pm, we had mural painting activity on the wall of the open stage. The mural consist of a huge tree filled with handprints as a symbol for leaves. We had the volunteers to start stamping their hand palms on the wall so that the kids would have a rough idea on how to go about doing it.

One of the kids stamping her palm on the branches of the tree

True enough the kids were super excited when they saw what the volunteers were doing and immediately crowded around the open stage . We had few of our volunteers, Qiao Hui and Katrina to paint the kids hands with those vibrant colours and the rest joined me to help the kids to stamp it on the branches of the trees.

One of the kid proudly showing her painted palm

Within a short time, the tree was filled with so many handprints. It was so beautiful to watch how passionate the kids were on decorating the tree. It is definitely a new experience for them as they mostly spend their afternoons playing sports or chatting away with friends. Also, it definitely created a special bond between the volunteers and the kids. The mural was completed faster than expected and everyone went back to get ready for the night classes.

The completed mural of the tree!

Today’s night class was slightly different than usual. We had an hour of studying and the remaining hour was practise for the dancing and singing performances for the closing ceremony. The dance moves were led by Rashidah and Katrina and the kids basically nailed the singing as they already knew the songs that we had suggested them to sing. After tonight’s practice, we were amazed with how talented the kids were , boys and the girls. They are all born fighters and I know that someday they will be a successful person in the society.


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