Day 11: Qiao Hui

“Mijumpa tokou vagu?”


The last full day we have with the kids here in SK Temuno Teringai Darat. We had senamrobik again early in the morning with the kids, and this we did it their way. We danced to probably 10 songs which included some of their traditional dances and it was really quite fun seeing them so “semangat” about it. Afterwards, we had our last English class with the standard 4 kids and they were really sad about us leaving the next day. I think most of us has grown attached to these adorable yet somewhat shy kids even though we don’t get to spend as much time with them as our standard 6 kids, and it was really hard to say goodbye to them. During break time, the P.E. teacher played a few songs on the loudspeaker and many of the students came to the court area to dance with us. The afternoon extra class was the last teaching session we had with our kids, even though we tried our best to teach as much as we can the kids were extra energetic! After we played with the kids ( for one last time ☹ ) in the 4-5pm time slot, we walked 30 minutes to one of my kid’s (Jaffland) family restaurant (it was more like a mamak) for dinner. The night session started off with an inspirational video and then we split into small groups to discuss with our kids. I don’t think any of us expected tears (at least I didn’t…) but 10 minutes into the discussion a lot of the kids started crying. For me, I was okay until my kid Jaffland started to cry – I’ve always thought maybe he didn’t like me as much because I’m mostly strict with him (he’s always running around) and he doesn’t really talk to me much, but when he cried I realised maybe I’ve had a bigger impact on him than I expected. Most of us charismen started crying as well, and we ended the session with laskar pelangi and gemuruh jiwa (the songs we were going to perform on the last day). The kids went back to their asrama after shouts of “mijumpa took vagu” (see you again) and “selamat miso sodop” (good night). We ended our night with a bit of screaming (the bugs are always around) and some of us went outside to stargaze before sleeping.


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