Day 4: Tyson Chin

Rise and shine, finally! Third day here in SK Temuno Teringai Darat and it has been raining heavily most of the time since the first day we got here. The rain causes drowsy days, soaked people in class and difficult commutes, not cool at all…

Gloomy & Rainy SK Temuno Teringai Darat

Through personal reflections and group discussion done the night before, group A volunteers decided to stick to their small group intensive teaching method whilst group B volunteers (including me) decided to alter the teaching approach to cater the students who have weaker foundations. All classes will be re-structured to be a mixture of general teaching session for the entire class followed by small group intensive teaching and then interactive class activities.

Some of the cute students from 6B!

We kicked start the day by introducing to thekids how the clock works, it was shocking to find out that most of them have no idea how to read a clock, and write the time in 12-hour or 24-hour formats. The moment when they actually understand what was taught, even though it is something really simple, the feeling of accomplishment is indescribable!

General Teaching Session (Intro to Clock) by Meriell

After the recess period, we had to take over the year 5’s English lesson as the respective teacher was on leave. We were also informed by one of our project leaders that there are three students from the class have requested to join the standard 6’s extra classes. This made us found out that besides the year 6s, the rest of the pupils will not have any classes after lunch. It now makes sense why some of the year 6s do not have good fundamentals, this is mainly because the school is focusing only on the UPSR candidates each year. In my opinion, this is not a very efficient system to implement, especially in a primary school where the students are still quite young, the teachers should not expect that the year 1-5 students will take initiatives to revise after their half day classes. Not everyone will be proactive like the three year 5 students that actually tried to learn more during their free time, this will then cause an imbalance distribution of students in terms of knowledge when they come to year 6, which might be too late for the teachers to do anything about it.

Year 5 Kids Demonstrating the ‘Body Parts Dance’

After lunch break, we headed back to the year 6 and carried on with English lesson. English is always the least favourite subject for majority of the students because it is another language for them to pick up, hence, we usually try our best to blend in games, songs or dances to make the lessons more interesting.

games -eng
‘Musical Ball’ during English lesson  

During the night extra class session, we carried out the survey form with our respective kids. The same form has to be filled up twice, once at the beginning and another at the end of the project to observe the progression of the students and the impact of the project itself.

Adiba Guiding the Kids on Filling Up the Survey Form

All in all, it is one hectic but meaningful day, all volunteers including me had agreed that being a responsible teacher is not as easy as it seems. It is only the second day of proper teaching and we already realized the difficulty of it, teaching the kids some of the most basic maths or introducing simple vocabulary and grammar were surprisingly time consuming due to our limited teaching experiences compared to well-trained teachers. On the bright side, the kids are all enthusiastic and eager to learn, this actually motivates us to always think of different ways to teach in order to ease their understanding so that they can absorb as much as possible while we are here. They are also full of energy ALL THE TIME (not even exaggerating), sparing some to us when we feel exhausted after long days of teaching and managing miscellaneous tasks for the project!


reflection pic
The Twins!

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