Day 7: Amirul Asyraf

Culture, Life, Inspiration and Everything in Between

It’s finally weekend and we decided to not do the 6.20 am class as most of the standard 6 kids are going home anyway. We reward ourselves with extra hours of sleep after one week of hard works and struggles. Today is also a special day as we were exclusively invited by the YDP of SKTS Parents-Teacher Association to attend the local Hari Raya celebration at the local community hall situated at the centre of the village. Everyone woke up fresh after the extra hours of sleep and put on some fabulous set of traditional clothing I’ve ever seen. These lads and lass all looked so radiant and lustrous as you can see here.amirul5

The kids who are not going back home lead us to the community hall by feet. It was only 15 minutes away from the school. We were greeted by the local group of musicians playing the gong and caklempong.


The elders taught us some traditional dances that involved a very slow limbs movement which made ours sore. Alex, Sara, Regina and Amir were also invited to sing karaoke together with the orang kampung and the kids. Everyone dance to the songs and it was very enjoyable moment for all of us.


But the best part of this Hari Raya celebration is of course the food that they served! A variety kind of dishes is available and I didn’t let this chance slipped away as I went and tried all of them. From Nasi Linopot, rice that was wrapped with a huge leave, Burasak, Kelupis Kuih Makmur, Kuih Penyaram up to Chicken Soup I didn’t missed them at all.



We went back to the school a bit early to prepare for the Inspiration Activity that was carefully drafted by Pheng Chew and Jie Yi. The Inspiration Activity was basically a very huge board game that explain the process and stages of life from school up until career life. Only standard 6 students were involved during this slot. The kids were divided into 10 groups of 6’s. There are 3 stages of life that was simulated on the board which are School Stage, College Stage and Career Stage before they all proceed to the grand finale of the slot which was the Chicken Leg Competition.


The School and College Stage were both played on a very large 6×6 physical board game placed on the ground. Every group had to throw a dice and a representative pawn will step forward according to the number rolled on the dice. They were also required to follow every single instruction placed at every box. Boxes 12 is a special box as it was the SPM pitstop where every group who passes this box need to be able to answer 5 Maths & English questions before they could progress further in this game. During the College Stage, there are several challenges that they need to fulfil and completed for them to get advantages and helps during Career Stage.


Doctor, Actor, Engineer, Bomba and Police were among the several career paths that awaited them at the Career Stage. Every group need to perform every task completely for them to be employed into respective occupations that will help them further during the Chicken Leg Tournament.


Everyone who was hired now may use their unique skills that they acquired to help them win the Chicken Leg Tournament. Group 10 was announced as the winner of the Inspiration Activity and one of the team member was voted by us as the best player of the tournament. Amir and Regine then gave a reflection on what the activity is all about, how everyone start at the same point in life but must undergone different stages, different pathways and different challenges but eventually, everyone will get to the similar end. We hope that this activity will greatly inspire them to work their very best to achieve their dreams and not feel sad and down when everything went south as everyone has different stories of their life.



At night, since it’s Saturday, we decided to cut come slack and give some time for the kids to rest also after such a long day. Most of the Standard 6 kids went home. We gathered all the kids that weren’t going back at the Dewan Makan and let them do what they want. Some read the storybooks that we provide, some play the board games, cards and some play the Lego. We exchanged stories with the kids and share some heart-to-heart experience. The bond not only among the volunteers grew stronger, but also the kids as well. It was such a hectic day, but everyone seems to enjoy it very much.


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