Day 7: Nur Rashidah

“The weekend has arrived. Finally, a longer sleep & more relaxing day!” I said to my
lazy-self. Well, of course, that didn’t happen. The team had even gone extra today. Guess
who woke up at 6 am to start a hike at 6.30 am sharp just for a sunrise at a nearby hilltop?


Yupe, that’s us 🙂
Initially, the hiking was smooth. Walked along a tar road, then entered a pathway
where scatter of houses were visibly seen on both sides. The fresh air, the village smell, the humidity of the morning dews with very great loving companies; how often could we find such good combination in the city?

The sunrise view from a nearby hilltop

The journey had really put our stamina at test but of course, the hardship were paid
off in the end. To be able to see how scenic the sunrise view was and to get to enjoy it with strangers who turned to be crackheads just like you are were just so precious.

The day continued (& kept on going) from there until the night. The whole idea for our
activities today was to have fun while at the same time making them educational for the kids.

Besides the Hygiene & Health talk in the morning, we also carried out some sort of like
Career Fair for the kids in the evening, just to expose the vast opportunities of career
available out there. Before, some of them told us that they chose teachers as an ambition
because they were forced to since they don’t really know what else can they do. It was so
sad to hear such thing coming out from kids that age. Hence, I am glad we did this activity.
In the night, we organised a more fun activity where the kids would surely enjoy it; dance practice for closing ceremony. Oh Lord, every kid who attended the session was being extremely hyped up that we had to separate the girls and the boys in different classes. They were so into the practice that to our surprise, they could catch up with the steps pretty fast.

At the end of the day, all Charismen were so tired since we barely had an ample time
to rest after the hike but then, THE DAY WAS LIT! That satisfaction feeling to see how
happy and active the kids today made everything worth it. Surely, our feelings grow fonder for the kids and we ended the day with a self-called bonding session among the Charismen.

Will be missing this kind of memory so much once we go home next week 😦

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