Day 9: Anas

“A Healthy Day”

As told by Anas bin Mohd Amin, SK Tumunda Salimandut volunteer


Today marked the beginning of the second week we volunteers ‘berkampung’ at SK Tumunda Salimandut. We woke up early for the 6.20am class feeling tired and sleepy after not having it during the weekend. Despite that, we all went to our respective classrooms with a renewed motivation knowing that we only have less than one week left to make an impact in our kids’ lives.

After the morning class, we joined the school’s weekly assembly with all the kids and the teachers as well. We felt a bit awkward when the teachers invited us to the front and offered their seats for us. We really felt honoured and appreciated by the teachers especially, because of the way they treated us with care and always making sure that our needs were fulfilled. That morning, I got to hear the Sabahans’ state anthem as well as the school’s anthem which I found to be quite lovely. Then, all of the charismen were invited to introduce ourselves one by one in front of the whole assembly. After the assembly which took about half an hour, we went to the dining hall for breakfast.


That morning, the 6 Pintar volunteers had to teach English to 4 Bijak and 5 Bijak classes. For both classes, we taught the kids how to ask simple questions in English and how to response to them as well. We felt that it was relevant to train them on this topic because they have to form/answer questions based on pictures in the UPSR English paper 1. At first we showed them examples on the whiteboard and then we asked the kids to ask questions among themselves one by one. I found that the standard 5 students were more confident and more able to talk in English (most probably because they have learned and matured more than the standard 4s) thus making the class livelier and more fun as well. One of the 5 Bijak boys even took the opportunity to ask a girl sitting next to him to play badminton with him that evening! Smooth weyh that boy. Our group did not have any other classes until afternoon that day so we all went back to shane’s house and spent the precious free time to nap.

After lunch, all of the volunteers went to our respective group of kids for the afternoon extra class. During the extra class, I helped my kids to do their English and Math homework until 3.30pm. We finished the class a bit early than usual to conduct the Health Workshop with the standard 6 students as well as those staying at the hostel. After the kids had gathered in the dining hall, we started the workshop with a PowerPoint presentation in which we explored the components of a healthy lifestyle one at a time. As I explained the slides to the kids, I found that some of them started to feel bored and sleepy so I tried to crack a few jokes to lighten the atmosphere. Although my fellow volunteers were able to get the jokes, I found the kids to be a bit confused on how to react during the situation. On that day, I learned that with kids you have to give more hints and you must not make a straight face so the kids know that it is okay to laugh at that moment☺. After the presentation, we organised an eating contest with the kids in which the person who ate the last bowl will lose using 100% healthy food! We felt sorry watching our kids ate raw vegetables and sour fruits. But at least they are good for the kids and the kids seemed to have a good time playing the game.


During the night class, I asked my kids to try the Math workbooks that I bought for them during the weekend. I wanted to check whether they are able to do the exercises on their own because I wanted them to continue using those workbooks even after I left the school. From my observation, my kids can do most of the exercises even from the KBAT workbooks that I gave to the more advanced kids in my group. To be frank, my kids are all from 6 Pintar anyway so they are all good learners. I was very proud of each and every one of them and that added another reason for me to believe that my kids definitely have the potential to achieve academic success not just in UPSR but also in their future endeavours.

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