Day 4

One of the most anticipated activities of Project Penyu 2017 is a day in the @ecoCare Educational Centre!


Although mangrove niches are not directly related to turtles in Malaysia, we found this the perfect opportunity to expose the volunteers on the availability of mangrove sites like these. This information can be passed on to family members, friends, and schools. Also, as the nature of the project is also a general exposure of the tropical environment, we are determined to educate volunteers about the niche of a mangrove swamp e.g. flora and fauna around it, the effects of decreasing mangrove areas, etc.
A productive and fruitful day indeed for the volunteers as we had learned the basic to-dos when bird-watching. We managed to observe at least 5 different species of birds around ecoCare! Abang Bun, a friendly ecoCare personnel toured us around the mangrove greenwood while relating to us information regarding the plants, herbs, animals, and insects species we found.


We also got an exclusive mud mask all over our clothes and arms while mangrove seeding and replanting 😆 An hour of being in darkness while observing nature’s own fairy lights and chandeliers were certainly a wonderful treat after a tiring day under the hot sun. The sublime presence of fireflies and a sky full of stars are a rare sight to most volunteers.

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