Day 6

As stunning and calm Terengganu can be, six days away from the comfort of home will definitely make you miss it. The volunteers woke up with tired eyes due to the lack of sleep, packed their belongings into their cars ready to be transported back to the concrete jungle from Kuala Lumpur.


But before another 4-hour journey, the volunteers drove to Ma’Daerah Sanctuary for a final ‘chill sesh’ amongst us and have a proper closure to this year’s Project Penyu. After catching the sunrise at the beach, a few volunteers interviewed Miss Sharifah regarding her work in WWF, and the statistics of the turtles in Terengganu.
After having a brunch of nasi lemak and roti canai, certificates were given out to Project Penyu 2017 participants. We also gave our thanks to Miss Sharifah and Abang Mat for kindly aiding us throughout this whole journey of a lifetime.

4 p.m. – Hello, again, Kuala Lumpur.

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