Day 10: Aisyah

DAY 10- 16th July 2018

Monday blues. But, it was not so blue for the Charismen as today marked our final week with the Tumunda kids.
We started our day by attending their weekly assembly and there goes the cute emcee for the day, Alex Chong. When he appeared, all the Charismen were like ‘awwwwwh’ because he was just too cute to handle. Then, we saw him showing the ‘please be quiet’ sign to us hahaha maybe he was shy because we were admiring him being the emcee for the assembly. During the assembly, we sang Negaraku, Sabah’s state anthem and the school’s anthem. Deep inside, I was sad as today will be our last day hearing them singing their school’s anthem. Looking at their precious faces, I hope they were able to meet their goals in life.
Then, we took the opportunity to snap a picture with the Standard 6 students and teachers after the assembly. That was when an accident happened to me as my spectacles was broken (my fault because I’m too clumsy haha) 💔 luckily, I brought my contact lens with me to help me see clearly throughout the week.
After that, we went to the Dewan Makan to eat our breakfast and it was our favourite dish, Maggi Goreng. It was so delicious that for the first time, we finished the food provided.
In the evening, we had the health and hygiene talk by Amir and Aily. They covered various topics related to health and hygiene such as ways to maintain a good health. Then, we gave each of them a set of toothbrush and a toothpaste. Amir and Aily taught them the right way to brush our teeth. I was happy to see each one of them brushing their teeth together because for some of them, it might be their first time having a toothbrush and a toothpaste. Finally, we end the session by split them into two groups, boys and girls. We talked about how to deal with puberty and changes in ourselves when we reached puberty.
Furthermore, the night session starts with the usual English class with the kids. But, today, the english class only runs for an hour as the second hour was used for the motivational session to kick up their spirits to aim the best for their future. The session starts by Iqa showing them her Vision Board(a board which shows what she wants to achieve and had achieved in life). Then, the students need to do their vision board with the help of a volunteer in each group.
In the end, some of them volunteered themselves to present their vision board in front of everyone. The first one was from Alex and he said that he wants to be an astronaut with the help of Terence(an engineer) to build a rocket for him to go to the moon. He also said that he wanted to be a fireman and everyone’s sweetheart, Elviane wanted to be a nurse. The reason behind their ambition as a fireman and a nurse were because they wanted to help people who were in need. I was touched as they had such a pure heart to help people around them. May all their dreams will come true in the future.

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