Day 12: Shairashree

The day started early as usual. We woke up to the sound of the headmaster giving a speech during the assembly. Today also marks the start of a major water shortage. All of us had been hoping it would rain one of these days but to no avail. Nevertheless, we freshened up and headed to the canteen for some warm milo and tuna sandwiches.

After breakfast, all of us headed into class to start teaching. By day 11, our kids were comfortable with us and would ask us some questions if they didn’t understand. All the volunteers could also see some improvement in their kids. We had English and Maths classes during schooling hours today. By lunch time, all of us were drained physically due to the heat as well as the long hours of teaching. We had our lunch and some of us headed back to the house for a quick nap to boost our energy before heading for dance practice at 2pm.

Dance practice session

Since the closing ceremony will be held tomorrow, we taught them the last bits of dance moves to the songs Kung Fu Fighting and Original Sabahan. The dance practice was led by myself, Guang Yi and Sher Maine. Later, all the volunteers and the kids sang with full “semangat” to the song Laskar Pelangi. The song about achieving dreams regardless of the circumstances was so heart-warming that it made some of the volunteers’ teary, including myself. Even after the practice session was over, the kids still wanted to dance so they asked us to continue playing songs for them to dance to. Some of the volunteers joined in and danced with the kids.

As usual every day during 4-5pm, we played with the kids. Some of us played volleyball with the older kids (year 5,6), while some of us played with the younger kids. We were amazed with the creativity of their games. Today, we played “buah-buahan” where we all act like we are fruits and the master will wait for us to mature, then feed us to the grandmother if we don’t escape in time.

After extra classes at night, we prepared gifts and letters with motivation to our individual kids. Overall, it was a satisfying day as we got to bond more with the kids before heading home as well as have last classes with them before the closing ceremony tomorrow.

My two kids (Jericho, Andy) and I

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