Day 2: Shun Qi

DAY 2- 8th July 2018


Road into the school 


The school gate 


As promised we did not wake up for the market walk and breakfast at 7am(sorry zhe yi). after the cramming our fat baggage and ourselves into the van, we set off on our 2hour+ not-so-smooth ride. This being my second trip back to Teringai, no doubt the ride in was nostalgic.

When we arrived, despite the headmaster not being available, we were welcomed warmly by the teachers. After breaking ice with the teachers, we immediately set off to clean up and set up our home for next 2 weeks.

tragically, my experience last year did not prepare me for the lovely surprise we had aka no water. No running water from taps, translates into shower, washing clothes and other issues. The rushing stream of my fav shower spot in the sungai last year, was reduced to a miserable almost stagnant pool of shallow water. and yeah, that was exactly where we showered.

as we were cleaning up our room, curious asrama kids popped by. many still recognized me from last year, surprisingly. they were very enthusiastic to help us clear up the room. and before we knew it, we were roped into joining their evening games session-which later turn out to involve lots of running. despite being unable to keep up with their energy, i genuinely enjoyed the fun running around barefoot playing kiddie games as i did at least a decade ago.

Cutting short the big drama by the ladies during the river shower, we had a scrumptious home-cooked dinner by mak cik canteen. We refreshed our malay vocabularies for mathematics class tomorrow, throwing in some random banter which is good for the team, before snuggling into our sleeping bags. i instantly K.O-ed when my head hit the self made pillow from towels and shirts.

Day 1 in Teringai had been nothing short of exciting. To me, coming back to Teringai was therapeutic to the soul. The people, the simple life, the school…countless little things that captured my heart last year then brought me back to this school once again this year.


Us unpacking at our house 



Kids visiting 






Dinner at canteen


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