Day 7: Noor Natasha

DAY 7- 13th July 2018

On the 13thof July, everyone continued with their normal routine. However, that day there was no electricity as the school were doing checks. We woke up around 7.30 am, freshen up, then proceeded to the canteen together for breakfast. We had an English style breakfast by the Kakak and then went back to the house. Half of us had the usual Standard 4 English class while the rest either helped out with the mural painting or stayed in the house to prepare for their Standard 6 classes later. That day, I was assigned to take photographs of the students instead.

NNMural Painting

Before class started, we handed the students their files and pencil boxes. The volunteers started the Standard 4 class with the topic ‘Sports’. They introduced new vocabulary and gave a few exercises for the students to do. The students seemed pretty responsive but the students at the back of the class were not too keen to learn. It was hard to get everyone to be interactive even with the number of volunteers assigned for each class.

Standard 4 English class

At 10.00 am, we had the Standard 6 English classes. Everyone went to their respective students and gave them personal tutoring for UPSR. As the weather was quite hot, the students were unable to focus. A lot of them were fidgeting around their seat and some started fanning themselves. It was the drought season, so it was very hot.

After classes, some of us went to the house to rest while others went to help out with the mural again while waiting for the last class at 11.50pm. Class at 11.50pm was still pretty unproductive given the temperature and condition the students were studying in. A lot of us managed to give them a few revision questions though despite the lack of comfort.


Waiting for the next class

Fortunately, before the day could get even hotter, the electricity came back. Everyone felt relieved that the electricity came back in time before night class.  We did not have any afternoon classes from 2pm to 4pm with the Standard 6 students. Instead, we prepared materials for tomorrow’s activity as the career fair required a lot more preparation than the rest of the activities. Some went to continue helping out with the mural. A lot of the students surrounded us while doing the mural. They were really excited to see how the mural would turn out. While waiting, some of the students had like a mini photoshoot with the camera. They were pretty excited about getting their picture taken with the partially finished mural. Some of the volunteers even managed to read a book to the children while they watched the other volunteers paint the mural.


Book reading with the students

In the evening, everyone went out to play sports with the students. Despite it being quite late, the weather was still very hot. But the students were very enthusiastic and excited about playing sports nonetheless. Vincent and I also set up like a volleyball net with raffia string, so the students can play a real game. There were no scissors to cut the string up, so the children actually told me to just use my teeth which I actually did hahaha.


Volleyball with the raffia string net

After sports, the girls went to bathe with the female students and the two guys had to wait their turn as usual. The river was still pretty shallow, and the water was stagnant, so we showered in the girls’ bathroom near the female dormitory. Then, everyone went back to the house to gather stuff for the night class.

We had dinner with so many bugs flying around that day. The weather was pretty hot and wet, so it was an ideal time for insects to come out. The students that night were pretty restless and jumpy. As there were so many insects in the classroom, some of them started jumping about. It was very noisy that night, but the volunteers managed to settle them down after a short break during the class.


Night class session

We went back to the house pretty much exhausted. However, we weren’t done yet as we still had to discuss tomorrow’s activities. There was a lot to do for the career fair tomorrow, so the volunteers stayed up to prepare for the event. As the volunteers would be assigned to different career stations, we prepared our own material for tomorrow based on the career we were given. Qi, Iman, Melissa and Carmen also came up with a small game for the students to play called a ‘Game of Life’ after the career fair. Everyone had to be briefed about their roles before tomorrow.

We ended the day with the usual daily reflection session and the volunteers began writing down their lesson plans for tomorrow. Overall, it was a pretty tiring day without the electricity and the weather being so hot. Our trip to the restaurant also tired us way too much with the sun being scorching hot. We pretty much fell dead asleep after everything was done.


Me during the ice breaking session

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