Day 9: Kai Li

DAY 9- 15th July 2018


After a long week of teaching the kids and planning activities for them, our long awaited rest day was here! We woke up at about 8am and had our breakfast. Initially, we were supposed to leave for the pekan in Kota Marudu at 7am, but the shops were only opened at 9.30am, hence we all slept in till slightly “later”. We left SK Tumunda slightly past 9am. Six of us sat in Shane’s car, while the others boarded the back of a truck. We could barely contain our excitement of getting good phone signal and of course, stock up on FOOD! KFC, Pizza Hut, Takoyaki etc., we honestly could not wait! 


After a 25 minute car ride, we reached the town! Our first stop was KFC, where we filled our stomachs for lunch. Then, we stopped by Guardian and the supermarket to pick up face masks (sponsored by Suchi!), daily essentials, snacks and presents for the kids. After coming to a consensus, we decided to buy coloured marker pens and exam grade pencils for them. Each volunteer also got some personalized gifts such as stickers, notebooks etc. for their anak-anak. 


It took us approximately half an hour to reach Sungai Serinsim in Ranau. When we arrived, freshly prepared barbecued chicken, fishballs and sausages were prepared by some of the SK Tumunda staff. Drinks were served too. After having a hearty meal, with our hearts pumping with excitement, we hurried to the river and one by one, we immersed ourselves in the cold yet refreshing water. Within minutes, many of us were already shivering. Despite that, we splashed one another with water and would not stop until every single one of us were drenched from head to toe. Led by our very own project leader, Suchi, we choreographed more than half of the song “Original Sabahan” with our insane and hilarious dance moves. Shazlin also taught us her version of taichi. We even created a name for our group “3G” which stands for Giler, Gedik and Gemuk. Not long after, the volunteers from Teringai arrived. We shared our experiences teaching the students and played games such as “Yang paling”, “who can throw eggs the furthest” and “who can blow flour from a plate the fastest”. After another round of food, we washed up, changed out of our wet clothes and headed back to SK Tumunda Salimandut.


Later at night, after we had taken dinner, we all sat down in the living room and shared our life stories with one another before going to bed. 


Today was definitely the highlight for all of us after one week of us teaching tirelessly. We truly appreciated the time we had together with one another to really bond among the volunteers. Today we shared laughs, tears and sweat; being able to be comfortable with one another without any pretenses, we went to bed with smiling faces and contented hearts. 


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