Day 11: Nur Alia

My alarm went off at 6 am. As I made my way to the kitchen to freshen up, my mind started to count the number of days I had left with the kids at the school. Determined to make that day another productive teaching day, I kicked start the day with a hearty breakfast prepared by Kakak before making my way to the primary six class for Maths lesson.

There was so much satisfaction in seeing my kids doing so well in solving the questions which I am quite sure, they would not be able to do a week ago. They have progressed so well and I am so proud of my kids for keep on pushing and trying to solve each question given even after a few failed attempts. One of my kids, Elly, refused to take a longer break even if she was way ahead of her peers because she wanted to learn more and make the best out of her remaining time with me.

My kids- Elly, Amrond and I.JPG

In the evening, we had the second dance practice, still centered around the dance moves for kung fu panda song. I could tell that the kids were having so much fun from their never-ending laughter and energy. We, the volunteers could not even be half as energetic as the kids! We then ended the session by singing Laskar Pelangi- the song that we would be singing during closing ceremony. While singing that song together with the kids, as the meaning of the lyrics seeped into my heart, I could not help but to feel sad. ‘Keep on dancing and laughing, even if the world is not as beautiful as the heaven..’ I was well aware of the fact that I might not be able to see the kids again after we leave and deep inside, I really hope and pray that these kids will grow up to be a good and successful person but most importantly, they will always be happy and content with whatever they choose to pursue in their life.

After dinner, we rushed over to the class for extra class. The session went on as usual with occasional screams from some of the volunteers (caused by flying bugs/insects/’tokki’ but what’s new). At 9.40 pm, we walked back to the house after another tiring yet productive day while telling each other stories about our kids.

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