Day 12: Amira Deana

DAY 12- 18th July 2018

The day kicked start with senamrobik with the whole school conducted by fellow volunteers. Everyone was overflowed with excitement and joy. After that, we had morning classes with the Year 6 students with our respective groups. I got assigned to teach Mathematics in 6 Bijak and were so grateful that the students were still in good mood from the morning exercise so it was not that hard to get them focused on doing Mathematics questions 🙂


The happy faces in the morning that light up our day!


A picture with the whole school since it’s our last week here

After school hours, we had our English Workshop in the afternoon which lasted for 4 hours. It was the continuation of last week’s workshop. Thus, all volunteers taught the same students they had last week. I had 4 students from Sk Masalog last week but today, two of them were absent. Since I only have 2 students, I got an additional student in my group. We worked on sample UPSR paper that the school provided and I was so happy to see the students so passionate to learn. They were bombarding me with questions throughout the workshop. However, the spirit didn’t last until the end. Everyone was just so tired at the final hour, so I decided to show them some Science videos so they would at least learn something while they have fun.

After the workshop ended, all of the students returned to the hostel to rest for a while. At 5:30 p.m., we had a rehearsal for talent time that is happening that night. For the past few days, I have been helping the students practice singing. I downloaded all of the karaoke version videos into my phone so it will be easier for them to practice. I have never heard half of the songs they’re singing but I can proudly say I know the lyrics to all of the songs now 🙂 While all the participants were rehearsing, the other students that were not involved played sports with the volunteers like usual. Most of the boys played football, some of them played captain ball with the girls and the rest were just hanging around the field with the volunteers.

Come the night that everyone was waiting for, TALENTIME NIGHT! The event started around 7.30 p.m. with Joewel singing “Tergantung Sepi”. There were 13 performances in total – 1 beatbox, 1 dancing and the rest were singing – 5 duets and 8 solo performances. They were all super talented and they did a very good job at performing with a very short time given for practice. The volunteers also performed Original Sabahan. The highlight of the night would be when all of the volunteers joined the students dancing Sumazau on stage while Hermon and Irwan were singing Original Sabahan. For your information, Sumazau is a traditional dance of Kadazandusun ethnic in Sabah. Everyone had a blast.


We were dancing sumazau!


Ghanimi sang Ayah dan Ibu and touched everyone’s heart



Volunteers performing Original Sabahan!

Talent time ended around 9.30 p.m.. The night continued with a sharing session by the volunteers with the Standard 6 students. We shared stories and gave a few advices to the students in hope that it will inspire them and be useful in their future. The session ends with “salam salam” session where all the students lined up and exchanged handshakes and also hugs with the volunteers. Almost everyone cried. Since it was the last few days of the programme, everyone got kind of emotional hence all the tears alongside the handshakes and hugs. In a very short period, we managed to create strong bonds with the students and the thought of having to leave them after two weeks of seeing each other every minute was actually kind of heart-breaking. We hope that they will all grow up well and successful ❤

The night finally ends when we made sure that all of the students were in their respective dorms. Even though the day had been pretty tiring and very emotional, it was definitely a memorable one!

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