Day 1: Zhe Yi

The day has finally come, months of planning, liaising and coordinating being put to the test in just a mere fortnight, the road here wasn’t easy seeing as the other team members has their busy lives and chose to put it aside and instead take two weeks to inspire and be inspired by the kids of SK Teringai, we all come from varying backgrounds but we each had a unifying thought, to inspire the future generation of bright young individuals to improve the lives of their families and community through education. The theme this year was “Inspire”, we were all inspired when we were young to do what we do today, we hear success stories and think: “Wow! I want to be like them someday” or better yet: “I NEED to be like them someday, to inspire MY future successors!” and now, it is time to practice what you preach.

The hidden deal package that no one knew was the sleepless night before the flight, the anxiety that builds up before each life changing event, the fear of messing things up; and to that I say: “Don’t take yourself too seriously”, have fun and be open to new experiences, and one might say: “you can call it a mistake, I call it an experience to learn from”.

As planned, my team arrived in the airport all readied up to go, there was a beautiful sense of excitement in the air, reminiscent of the golden days you would go to a theme park when you were young for the first time, you were excited about the sights and smells of cotton candy, hotdogs and popcorn lingering in the air as you watched your favorite characters come to life.


Checking in the luggage went smoothly, and you get what you would expect in a 3-hour plane ride to Sabah: Refreshments, crammed seats, a crying baby that would make you wish that the life jacket was a parachute instead, and trying to get to the toilet while you are at the window seat but the 2 other passengers are knocked out so you feel bad for waking them up but also you needed to pee really really badly so you just sit there trying to figure out your life choices.

Once the team had landed in Sabah, the plan was to get items that we could not bring over from KL (to be more accurate, to prevent paying extra luggage weight fees). After a quick lunch, the team set out to work to gather the items for the projects we planned and it went as smooth as butter, which was relieving for everyone since we had to carry out the packing of the pencil cases and toothbrush (Sponsored by Colgatetm) to be given to all the kids which took at least 4 hours and every inch of the team’s patience.

After a meeting session with the team to share some thoughts and final words before the project officially commences, everyone went to bed with a tired but fulfilled self, ready for the challenges ahead.


Good Night!

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