Day 11: Amir Adam

We woke up a little later today as we did not have to attend the assembly. My team and I were assigned the 11:50 A.M. class teaching Mathematics for the year 5 kids. After a ‘big breakfast’ at the dining hall, we took our time showering and just preparing materials on what we are supposed to teach our kids today. My team and I have decided that for mathematics, we would give them some exercises to assess them and later help the children which needed help. It was challenging as some students (or maybe most) did not memorise the multiplication table which made division such a difficult task for them. But some of them already could do the basic division and multiplications so they were given tougher problem-solving questions while we focused on the weaker kids. Their eagerness in learning kept us motivated in continuing our main objective in coming to Tumunda which is to inspire them.

After class, the volunteers had lunch together. It was a really hot day so we had sirap bandung that was sold at the canteen. I personally really enjoyed the food that they had provided for us plus the staff at the dining hall were also very friendly. We proceeded to teach mathematics after lunch. When every other group has already started, only one out of three students that I was in charged of was there. The other two was nowhere to be found. I then went to their dorms finding them pretending to be asleep. It was a really unproductive hour for my group as the other two kids didn’t seem interested in learning. Since I was also tired of repeating myself again and again, we took a break and went to play scrabble. They really enjoyed it as we were playing in their dorm while just relaxing under the fan, escaping the heat. After a while, they got bored and Terrence started working on some math questions while the other two kids were still lying down.

I didn’t want to force the rest because I knew if I did force them, It would have been unproductive. So I asked if they wanted to learn and they said yes. It then became the most productive 30 minutes that we had of that session.

Later in the evening, we played sports with the kids. Some chose to play football, some choose to play captain ball. What’s most important is that all of them had fun and got some time off their studies. After all, Badan sihat, otak cerdas.

Later that night after dinner, we taught them English. To me English is a tougher subject to teach compared to maths. But they were very excited and eager to learn. I was so happy when Shakir got 9 out of 10 for the spelling test that I gave them. But I still felt like what I was teaching them wasn’t enough for them to face the upcoming UPSR examination. With only a few more days to spare, I’ll try my best in inspiring them as much as I can.

From left: Jerycho, Shakir, Me, Kefly. My students for English.
Team Tumunda

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