Day 3: Zhe Yi

The day started off like any other, except this time we woke up sprawled in sleeping bags on the floor filled with what I would consider a bug spray warehouse, literally the whole floor was filled with mosquito repellent of all shapes and sizes. Breakfast was served by the canteen and it was sardine sandwiches and Milo, a perfect way to start the day!


Monday is Hari Perhimpunan (Assembly Day), where kids of all years come to sing the national anthem, the state anthem and the school song. This was followed by a speech by the headmaster and they welcomed us to the school. Suddenly, the teachers decided to pull a fast one and asked me to give a speech as a project leader to the school, needless to say I was thrown off guard by their request but years of Bahasa Malaysia class in school is going to be paid off today, so I just picked up the mic and introduced my team and announced that in these 2 weeks, we were going to eat, play and learn together; and most importantly: we are all going to have fun doing it!It was followed by a short introduction from each volunteer and a final speech by the teacher in charge.


The day continued with an Ice Breaking Session with the year 6 students piloted by Alia and Natasha, we played games where the kids get random colored candy and have to perform a task in order to savor the delicious treats. Needless to say, it taught us about the kid’s one and only weakness, candy. One kid was eyeing the piece of candy like it’s going give an answer to life’s most important question: “Yanny or Laurel?”.


Jokes aside, the session really gave the team a good platform to bond with the students, we were all laughing at the end and sparking conversations with them in B.M, a great start to a meaningful project! Of course, it was not all fun and games, we then had a night class from 7:30 to 9:30 teaching the kid’s Math and English. Being the first time the team is doing these night classes, the room for adjustment and improvement is present as we were all drained from the class at the end of it, we need to control the energy so that we do not tire ourselves out for future classes!


Good Night!

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